Hi, I'm Axel!

I'm a firm believer that empathy is the secret sauce to creating truly valuable, human-centered design. My passion for design was sparked during my previous user-research collaborations, where I discovered the power of UX in bringing research to life and shaping full-dimensional projects and products.When I'm not crafting pixel-perfect designs, you can usually find me at the local swimming pool or exploring the vibrant and exciting parts of my city, headphones on and fully immersed in the soundtrack of my day.Having lived in both Berlin, Germany and Los Angeles, California, I bring a unique perspective to every project I work on. If you're looking for a UX designer who is equal parts passionate, creative, and fun-loving, then you've come to the right place. Thanks for stopping by, and let's chat!

Mac Cosmetics Redesign
Adidas Locker Room
Xpertise Mobile Application
Qv. Web Page & Digitial Marketing Campaign
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